H Frames satisfy the requirement for construction scaffolding, a versatile access system with variability of platform height and a choice of platform areas. These construction scaffolding components are already used in a wide cross section of industries, from construction and interior design to air-conditioning ducting and exhibitions. Though ideally used as access scaffolding its versatile use can also been seen in support of high slabs and bridge girders. Access stairways can also be erected on H frames.

H Frames consists of rigidly welded frames of maximum three vertical and two or more horizontal elements. The frames are connected by scissor cross braces through pins with spring clips or gravity locks that are welded on frames.

By utilizing one size or a combination of varying sizes of H Frames, towers or an array can be erected to the exact height required for the job. These frames can also be erected on varying ground levels like staircases, etc.

Using cross braces and selection of the locating pins on the frames, platform span up to 8′ (2400 mm) can be achieved. This rigid sway free structure has no loose fittings and no tools are required for erection. It can be quickly and easily erected even by unskilled labor without any supervision of a structural engineer.

We offer a wide range of H-frame scaffolding fabricated in-house by our specialist manufacturing team. It is ideal as scaffolding for wall-plastering and support staging for centering of height slabs. It consists of welded frame of 40 NB Verticals and Horizontals of 40/32 NB pipe and is connected by cross bracing of Angle or Tube. Available in 2000, 1500, 1250, 1000 mm heights and 1800, 1250, 900 mm width. It provide an ideal solution to mounting a sign on a footpath, or in other areas of restricted space.