We are accomplished manufacturers and suppliers of scaffolding products and scaffolding accessories in India that are being used in many scaffolding applications. Our range of scaffolding includes:

Our Range of Tubular Pole Products:-

  • Steel Tubular Poles for overhead Power Transmission.
  • Steel Tubular Poles for lighting beautification with single overhang and double overhang; generally for three lane, four lane road, airport and VIP places.
  • Steel Tubular Poles with triple and four overhang for three way crossing and for four way crossing and also VIP Places.
  • Steel Tubular Poles /Post for garden (vertical or conical), irregular conical or any special type to beautify.
  • Folded type Steel Tubular Poles to use and direct on hills and mountain. These are easy to carry on any height for power transmission or lighting purpose.
  • Traffic signaling post on road and street to control the traffic system
  • The above Poles are manufacturer on most modern and sophisticated machinery and organized by an excellent team of highly experienced and qualified personals. The motto is to satisfy the customer with our supply and quality and execution in due time.