We are into the business of manufacturing construction scaffolding components since years. Our construction scaffolding components are being used in various scaffolding applications.

H Frames

H Frames satisfy the requirement for construction scaffolding, a versatile access system with variability of platform height and a choice of platform areas. These construction components are already used in a wide cross section of industries, from construction and interior design to air-conditioning ducting and exhibitions. Though ideally used as access scaffolding its versatile use can also been seen in support of high slabs and bridge girders. Access stairways can also be erected on H frames.

Wall Forms

Wall Forms are widely used for casting of RCC columns, beams and walls and other construction scaffolding applications. These scaffolding construction components give excellent concrete finish and cut costs and time involved in use of timber.

Floor Forms

Floor Forms are widely used for casting of floor slabs and other construction applications which gives concrete finish.


Prop is an infinitely reusable product used to support formwork shuttering. Its telescopic function allows speedy erection and dismantling without tools and it has no loose parts to be mislaid or lost.


They are an integral structural construction scaffolding components of a construction scaffold, providing support to the overall structure. They can be adjusted as per the need and are basically used to support floor forms while laying slabs.

Scaffolding Tubes

Due to their strength, scaffolding tubes are frequently used where heavy loads need to be carried, or where multiple platforms must reach several stories high. Their versatility, which enables them to be assembled in multiple directions in a variety of settings.

Scaffolding Clamps

We are a leading manufacturer & exporter of scaffolding clamps for construction scaffolding. These scaffolding clamps are used for connecting scaffolding tube walers to flanges of the wall forms. Further, we also execute bulk orders for these scaffolding accessories.

Right Angled or Fixed Coupler

We manufacture a wide range of Right Angled Couplers that are used to clamp a scaffolding tube at right angles. They are very firm and provide structural strength to the frame.

Expanding Joint Pin Coupler

Expanding Joint Pin Couplers are used for end to end (axial) connection or scaffolding tubes, only when tubes are in compression. Our range of Expanding Joint Pin Couplers comply to the international quality parameters.

Swivel Coupler

The swivel coupler clamps scaffold tubes at any angle. We manufacture these couplers in the following sizes: 40mm X 40mm, 50mm X 50mm and 40mm X 50mm.

Adjustable Stir-up Head

These flexible stir-up heads are designed & developed by us, pass through stringent quality checks to conform to international quality & safety standards. These are applied for carrying beams supporting floor forms.

Base Plate & Adjustable Base Plate

The base plates & the adjustable base plates that are manufactured at our construction scaffolding production unit are made up of premium quality raw materials and are used to secure H Frames to the ground. They are highly dependable even on uneven surfaces.

Adjustable Column Clamps

Adhering to the parameters of quality & safety we manufacture adjustable column clamps that are used to join columns & tubes in scaffolds. These clamps are highly flexible by nature and can be customized as per job requirement.

External Corner & Lap Angle

External Corner and Lap Angle are available in 45mm x 45mm x 5 mm Mild Steel Angle punched to suit slots in wall forms. Lap angles are punched along one leg only.

Wedge Keys

We are a preeminent manufacturer and exporter of Wedge Keys are extensively applied for erecting wall forms. Our Wedge Keys comply to the quality parameters set by regulatory bodies.


Castors, supplied by us are movable structures for used in overhead electrical cabling, air conditioner ducting, and housekeeping. We cater to a wide cross section of industries utilizing movable structures, with a range of Lockable & Non-Lockable Castor wheels.